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"Rangiuru School is best described as a school of choice. Comprised of both rural and town students it caters for New Entrants to Year 8, incorporating the best of 21st Century teaching tools while retaining those country traditions which have been an integral part of life at Rangiuru for generations.”

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Principal's Message

The world of education has changed markedly in the 99 years since Rangiuru School opened as a single classroom. But the generations of pupils that have enjoyed their formative years with the school have been enamoured with the traditions of a country located school employing modern day methods from New entrant to Year 8 level. Rangiuru is best described as a school of choice. While it was once comprised of predominantly rural students, today it is a school that town students choose to attend as well. The school incorporates the very best of 21st Century teaching tools to cater for our students. Digital, interactive whiteboards and mobile wireless laptop pods create seamless learning opportunities in any room in the school and allow these tools to be used across all curriculum areas if desired.

Country traditions remain an integral part of life at Rangiuru School. Lamb & Calf Day, Flower show and the baking competitions are a feature of the school year. Rangiuru School also actively competes in all the local sports events. Students at Rangiuru School are part of a community whanau where values of being a good person are encouraged and reinforced. Life at school involves learning that will equip students with the skills and abilities to achieve to their potential today and into the future.

The school takes every opportunity to celebrate cultural diversity. We do this through an inclusive approach to teaching that takes into account the background of each child.

Teachers, the BOT and the Community all work together to achieve best outcomes for our tamariki.

Tom Paekau

School Principal