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Transition to School

To find out more about Dee, and Whanau Piwakawaka, click the button below. 


Whaea Dee is the kaiako of our New Entrant - Year 2 class, Whanau Piwakawaka, and organises and supports all of our New Entrants in their transition to school. 

In Whānau Piwakawaka, we create a nurturing environment where tamariki (children) can explore indoors and outdoors through a variety of engaging activities following their interests and developmental needs. 

Kaiako (teacher) works individually with each tamaiti (child), or in small groups each day to enhance literacy and numeracy skills. Te reo, storytelling, and artistic expression, are an important part of our programme and children participate in class and school-wide sports and fitness activities. Te reo Māori is widely used and a progressive te reo programme is taught across the school. When visitors come to our school they often comment on the positive hauora (holistic well-being) evident within our school community, reflecting our commitment to create a supportive and inclusive environment where every child feels valued and respected.  Small class sizes, connections with the natural environment and a caring, family feel in our school provides our new entrants with the very best start.


As we welcome new entrants into our school community, and create a transition programme that is suited to the individual needs of the child, ensuring a smooth and successful integration into our learning environment.


659 Rangiuru Road

Te Puke


07) 573 7035



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