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Principal's Message

Rangiuru School combines the best of traditional rural school education with modern teaching practices. We highly value the special character a rural school has and look to promote this in all that we do. We believe that a country school should be different from those in town and celebrate our uniqueness. At Rangiuru School children are involved with hands-on learning experiences daily, both inside and outside of the classroom. Our children love to explore the native bush we have and spend much time engrossed in imaginative play. On any given lunchtime you’ll find kids up trees, building huts, working out in the vege garden or getting involved with sports. Inside the class we focus on delivering strong numeracy and literacy programmes that meet the children’s needs and push them on to new learning.You may find students busily investigating some interesting item brought in by someone such as a deceased bee hive or alternatively fully immersed in an activity on their individual Ipad.

Being the only school in Te Puke that owns their own bus gives us a lot of flexibility in how we can use education outside of the classroom to enhance student engagement. Class trips include wetland investigations, floundering out at Pukehina estuary, explorative bush walks, library visits and trips to the beach to name a few. It also means that we are able to pick up most of our students in Te Puke and the surrounding area right at their gate!

Small class sizes allow teachers to really get to know their students and give them the attention they need individually to thrive. We pride ourselves on the high levels our students achieve by the time they leave us and head off to High School and enjoy watching our ex-students go on to see success at a higher level.

Our specialised art and music room enables children to explore and expand their talents beyond simply reading, writing and maths. Teachers endeavor to use this space as often as they can and look to encourage creativity. Over the past year we have also been working hard to expand our Science and Technology involvement through utilising the House of Science kits that arrive at our school weekly.

Country traditions still play a large part in our school year such as Lamb and Calf day. Many students choose to bring their lamb along to school during the week and utilise our school farm and feed their lamb before school and just before home time. During Spring children can be seen leading their lambs around our expansive grounds and spending time practicing leading and bonding with their animal.

If you’re looking for a school family to join then please come along and check us out. We are NOT-ZONED and welcome new families.

We love it here and are always looking for like-minded people to join our community.


Mike Gullick


School Principal